How we use maps at KZF

How we use maps at KZF

During the KYTS-Programme we developed technology with our partner ColaLife to map the retailers we were supporting. The technology can be easily adapted to other projects.

The data to produce these maps is collected automatically during support visits to retailers by KZF staff who use tablets to collect key information such as stock levels, prices and sales. Each pin represents a single retailer.

Maps can be tailored for different purposes. This map is designed to assist with route planning. Retailers who were visited in the current month have a green pin. Those who were lasted visited 3 months (or more) ago have a red pin. Amber/yellow pins are retailers who were visited 1 or 2 months ago.

You can zoom in and out and clicking on a pin will show additional information about that retailer. Because this map is on a public website the names and mobile phone numbers have been hidden. These are displayed for KZF team members.

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