Vision,Mission and Values

The essence of KZF can be defined through three key concepts: the vision, mission and values.
Vision: The vision of KZF is an empowered and economically and socially secure global community.

KZF envisions an economically and socially secure community

Our mission:  “to improve livelihoods of economically and socially disadvantaged communities through sustainable and environmentally approaches”.

Core values: The mission of KZF is underpinned by the following core values:
 A Christian orientation which emphasises honesty and attaches great importance to human life and dignity
 Transparency and Accountability to our target group, donors and partners in general
 Sustainability of the means and outcomes of the livelihoods of the target group
 Partnership as a basis for engaging the target group and fellow stakeholders
 Equal opportunity regardless of race, creed, sex, age, HIV status, ethnicity and any other form of discrimination.While approaches are detailed in KZF 2018-2022 CSP