Challenging Climate Change Effects

Challenging Climate Change Effects

Keepers Zambia Foundation working in collaboration with Actionaid Zambia is promoting off-season farming among communities in Lukulu District. The project is promoting use of Solar powered water pumps for vegetable production. Aiming increasing participation of women and youths in vegetable production. The groups are mobilised into 10 – 15 members with same interest so as to achieve required quantities for the market.

The full set of the solar pump costs around ZMW8,000. And the project is piloting it in the project areas to trigger demand. So far even some individuals have acquired the pumps through the programme facilitation. Promotion off-season vegetable prduction has improved the supply of vegatbales within Lukulu dustrict. Lukulu district has a history of importing vegetables, but with invlovement of locals in production, the trend of improting is slowly reducing. But above all the strategy is used to counter climate change effects on the agriculture performance in the district.

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