Implementation of PPCR program

Implementation of PPCR program

KZF Lukulu District Office implementing PPCR program for Lukulu and Mitete districts. Working around increasing adaptation to climate change. The innovation revolves around diversified sources of livelihood build around resilience. The project is co-funded by GRZ and World Bank. And implemented in three wards: 2 in Mitete and one in Lukulu.

Key interventions:
1). Small-livestock production through Pass on Gift scheme (PoG)
2). Vegetable production
3) Early maturing varieties
4). Drilling of Boreholes to provide enough clean water even in times of inadequate rainfall

Above the project is building capacity among participating communities to be champion of change for sustainable environmental management and be in position of adjusting timely in times of anticipated climate related hazards.

Below are some of the field photos reflecting field activities:


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