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Medical Stores Limited to Distribute Kit Yamoyo

Medical Stores Limited To Distribute Kit Yamoyo Medical Stores Managing Director Dr. Bonface Fundafunda says the Kit Yamoyo diarrhoea kit was now available for distribution to all corners of the country. Kit Yamoyo contains oral rehydration salt (ORS) and zinc creatively packaged in a flimsy plastic container which also serves as [...]


Community Champion

In Lukulu district at a groundnuts field for a Community Champion (Ms Mary Tunde) of Salihongo Village in Kasheke a prize winner of ZMW650.00 from PPCR as an appreciation for her consistently producing groundnuts under Conservation Farming since 1993 through self motivation . She supplies groundnuts seeds to local [...]


Implementation of PPCR program

KZF Lukulu District Office implementing PPCR program for Lukulu and Mitete districts. Working around increasing adaptation to climate change. The innovation revolves around diversified sources of livelihood build around resilience. The project is co-funded by GRZ and World Bank. And implemented in three wards: 2 in Mitete and one [...]