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Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF) was registered in January 1996 as a non–profit, non governmental organisation in response to increasing poverty levels and deprivation among peri – urban and rural based households of Zambia.

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Savings group takes money to the marginalised women in rural parts of Mongu district

Members show off their share out amounts during sharing ceremony Keepers Zambia Foundation believes that its involvement in promoting savings... read more

Keepers Zambia Foundation Supports Value Adding to Waste

  Lusaka generates more than one million tons of waste annually, according to the city’s Waste Management Unit (WMU). Households... read more

Banking in Nalwei Village Mongu (Implemented by KZF)

Saving Groups in Nalwei Village in Mongu rejoice after successful year of saving. Several members of the Rural Finance... read more

Visits to Savings groups-May 25th

KZF team in Mongu District during monitoring visits to Savings groups. Keepers Zambia Foundation is implementing Expansion for Financial... read more

Key impacts of the KYTS-ACE Project

This may be a bit of a technical post, but it answers the very simple question at the heart... read more

How we use maps at KZF

During the KYTS-Programme we developed technology with our partner ColaLife to map the retailers we were supporting. The technology... read more

How we monitor progress across the country at KZF

KZF works all over Zambia and keeping track of what’s happening and providing support to remote field staff can... read more

Training cards developed for the KYTS Programme

These training ‘flashcards’ were developed following the ColaLife Operational Trial in Zambia (COTZ)*. They have been approved by Zambia’s... read more

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