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Executive Summary

Kit Yamoyo Transition to Scale Adapting to Challenging Environments (KYTS-ACE) report has been updated to capture activities implemented after 12th October 2016. The report is a reflection of actions taken to fulfill Strategic Area 2 intervention #7 provision of Zinc during diarrhoea. Hence some activities may be seen as repetition of activities already reported in July to September 2016. The official project close-up was June 2016, but we had secured two extensions, the first (July to August) was a non-cost extension to enable us implement some activities that could not be implement by June, the second (September to October) was a cost extension to enable us continue monitoring sales and supply of GRZ ORSZ Co-pack. The project facilitated the supply of 452, 000 ORS and Zinc Co-pack to 11 districts (Chinsali, Mbala, Kaputa, Shangombo, Chipata, Lundazi, Mansa, Samfya, Zambezi, Mwinilunga and Kalabo). And to achieve the set milestone, KZF employed a three prolonged approach: Catalytic-had Shoprite and micro-retailers, Public-supply to district hospital through ORS/Z procured directly by SUN FUND and Private-purely intensive training of micro-retailers to stock ORS/Z. The key partners/ collaborators under this intervention were Pharmanova, the manufacturer of ORS/Z and MSL, the distributor of ORS/Z to all 11 districts. To date 364, 000 kits have been manufactured with 88,100 yet to be delivered. Of the 364, 000 delivered to MSL, 260,000Kits were delivered to 11 districts.