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Ezra has over 21 years of rural development across Zambia mainly working with rural small-scale holders. Some of accomplishments during the 21 years includes set up of  paprika value chains for 50 farmer groups in Chibombo, Mumbwa, Kapiri-Mposhi and Kaoma. Consultancy work for development of natural resources based enterprises for Mufunta GMA funded by WWF in Kaoma, Lead trainer in Business  for Women Income Generating activities funded by UNDP, Governance training for 3 Farmers Associations in Mongu funded by USADF, Facilitated Out-grower schemes for 2500 farmers in Mumbwa, Kaoma and Senanga, Mobilised farmers into establishing 3 producer owned mini-processing units for honey, rice and crop seeds. Market linkages for over 3000 Households in Kaoma and Senanga, facilitated establishment of village banks in Kaoma, Senanga and Mongu US$100,000. Provided oversight over implementation of Climate resilience project funded by Government of Republic of Zambia and World Bank with over US$32,100 community investment.


Mevis Kasabula holds B.Sc. in Accountancy and is currently pursuing final level ACCA. She has over 27 years experience in managing finances for over 50 portfolios in NGOs, development organisations and projects. Mevis’ strength  is in the design and management of internal and external finance systems. She adds to KZF,  in-depth insights on prudent and meticulous financial, project and organisational management.


Mukabanji Mutanuka is a renewable energy and development economist with over 9 years extensive experience in the offgrid energy field and rural setups. Based in Lusaka Zambia, she is responsible for the technical, financial and environmental design and development of off grid innovations and livelihood advancement projects.  She has had direct oversight of development and risk management of a 30kw solar micro grid, a 60kw micro-hybrid and a 28.8kw solar pay-as-you-go home systems that have increased access to clean and affordable power to over 700 households across Zambia . She has spoken and presented on the subject of renewable energy and women in energy at various local and international conferences including the 2016 IEEE Power Africa Conference.

Her career accomplishments include a string of achievements in business proposal writing, program management, enterprise development, stakeholder relationship management, capacity building, poverty alleviation interventions, resource mobilisation, and liaison and advocacy efforts towards sustainable utilisation of natural resources. Prior to joining KZF, Mukabanji held senior and strategic positions in the insurance, finance and energy sectors. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and is currently pursuing her Masters in Renewable Energies.


Chibale has been with Keepers Zambia Foundation since January 2016. She was employed to lead the Kit Yamoyo Transition to Scale Project – Lusaka. She is also the focal person for the Chipata Ngombe Compound Waste Management Project.

Prior to joining Keepers Zambia Foundation, Chibale, was a Commercial and Sales  Manager at Copperbelt Solid Waste Management Company, the largest Solid Waste service provider in the Copperbelt region.

She has vast experience in sales, marketing and project management. Chibale is an associate member of the Zambia Institute of Marketing and holds a BA in Development Studies from the University of Zambia and certificates in Water and Solid Waste Management from the UNESCO institute for Water Education, Netherlands

Chibale adds to the KZF team a desirable mix of a commercial and development specialisation.

Albert joined Keepers Zambia Foundation (KZF) in February 2008 as the Field Facilitator and is currently a Project Manager of Kit Yamoyo Transition to Scale – Adapting to Challenging Environments (KYTS-ACE) Project. Kit Yamoyo innovation is one of the innovative market development projects, developing 3 channels to market, for a new, multi-award-winning ORS and Zinc product, designed and tested in Zambia (during the COTZ trial, 2011-13), for the easy home treatment of diarrhoea in under 5 children in Zambia. KYTS seeks to develop better availability, access, and use of ORS/Zinc therapy (ORSZ), for home treatment of diarrhoea, in children under 5, via private and public sector development and distribution, in the 14 SUN districts of Zambia’. Albert Saka is responsible for leading, coordinating and managing the implementation of the KYTS-ACE project in Fourteen (14) SUN districts in Zambia. He also oversees and supports a team nine (9) members composed of two (2) Project Officers and seven (7) Field Facilitators.

Mr. Saka has more than nine (9) years of experience in coordination and management of complex projects focusing on Water, Sanitation, Health and Nutrition and has worked in over 20 districts across Zambia. Prior to his current position at KZF, he managed Water Project (SODIS), Sanitation Marketing and Hygiene Promotion Project in Lusaka (2008 to 2011) and ColaLife Operational Trial in Zambia (COTZ) Project in Southern and Eastern Provinces (2011-13).

Mr. Saka holds a Diploma in Social Work, Certificates in Psycho-social Counselling, Community HIV/AIDS Management, DRR, Effective Facilitation Skills among others. He is currently a Post Diploma Student in Project Management.

Tamara is a self- motivated and achievement- oriented accountant with extensive knowledge of local and international NGO operations and enterprise management. She holds a Diploma in Accounting, Monitoring & Evaluation systems and is currently pursuing a degree in Project Management. Prior to joining KZF, Tamara worked under the Research, Administrative and Finance departments at the Centre for Infectious Diseases Research, Hazida Groups and the University of Zambia. She has over the years developed strong analytical skills in performance improvement and delivering accurate & timely financial reporting with complete attention to detail in a friendly and professional manner.




Mwala is a social and human rights activist and  holder of BSC in Natural Resources from the University of Zambia. He has over 12 years experience in forest and natural resources management, facilitation of livelihood interventions in rural communities and has actively participated in the designed and  implementation of more than 20 social and economic development initiatives in Lukulu and various parts of Zambia. In Lukulu, he has had direct oversight of the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience and a Local Rights Program adequating engaging with civic and traditional leadership structures. Mwala’s strength is in design and management of development projects, development and management of communication strategies and supporting entrepreneurship efforts at small and medium scale levels as well as stakeholder management. He brings to KZF the following key skills in; Facilitation skills in participatory methodologies, Self Help Group model, community mobilisation, Social Accountability and project management.

Jane Mutambo is a self-motivated, disciplined, hardworking and reliable social worker whose commitment is evidenced in her desire to work and achieve both individually as well as within a team. She holds a Diploma in Social Work awarded by the University of Zambia (UNZA) and has a wealth of experience in working with self-help groups and community development initiatives, through capacity building projects.

Additionally, Jane is a gifted sales person. This gift was used as she served African Life Assurance as a Sales Agent and eventually a Sales Supervisor, demonstrating a natural ability to sale. As a dedicated Social Worker, Jane has continued to promote her personal core values; always believing in Justice, Fairness, Transparency and Accountability and has a track record that proves her desire and drive to contribute positively towards the social and financial welfare of the less privileged in our society and communities. She is dedicated to playing her role in helping Zambia to achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as stipulated by the United Nations.

Among the many highlights of her career include; Successfully researched and coordinated a community development project for Care Aid International, overseeing the sinking of boreholes and pump installations at selected rural schools in Central province of Zambia as well as remote-area hygiene sensitisation workshops to promote sanity and healthy living standards.

As a Field Facilitator,  Jane directly links the KYTS LUSAKA Project with target households and communities, facilitating the identification of target households, communities, primary groups and members including support and creation of relevant structures in project areas. She performs regular project progress monitoring activities and documents key lessons and reports, as well as arranging community activities through priority setting, scheduling and preparation for project field events.

Her immediate future pursuit is to advance in education by continuing with her Social Work studies for a Degree at The University of Zambia.


Charity is a holder of a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Education from the University of Zambia and, an advanced certificate in Monitoring and Evaluation from the National Institute of Public Administration, with experience in facilitation of environmental management and protection activities, implementation of child nutrition programs, sales and marketing,   as well as keen interest in taking up roles that maximise her skills in data assimilation and evaluation, strategic planning and data analysis for the fulfilment of the organisation objectives.

 She joined Keepers Zambia Foundation in 2016 as a Field Facilitator for Lusaka district under the Project Kit Yamoyo Transition to Scale. Being on the frontline of the project, she works with the project stakeholders in the rural communities of Lusaka which include Health Centres and 200+ retailers. Prior to joining KZF, charity has worked as an environmental educator/ Researcher, Environmental health officer and a marketing officer.  

Lois is a holder of International Advanced Certificate in purchasing and supply, certificate in purchasing and supply management 1, obtained from the Chartered institute of Purchasing and Supply (UK) and the University of Zambia respectively. She is currently pursuing a Diploma  in Purchasing and Supply with the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS)

She has 11 years extensive work experience in the NGO sector and has served in various portfolios including. She brings to KZF sound skills in  Logistics Administration, Data entry and analysis,  and Project and financial management. She has excellent skills in the provision of backstopping support to community level committees for the smooth operation of various projects and facilitation of community mobilisation processes.